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First Hours: Resources


CDC has developed and gathered resources to aid health officials as they communicate with the public in the first hours of an emergency.

These include the following:

  • Short and Extended Messages
    Short and extended messages giving health and safety information for the first hours
  • Radio Scripts
    Radio live reads (scripts) in short and extended formats
  • Message Template for the First Minutes
    The suggested template below could be used in the first minutes after a suspected terrorism incident when little is known.
  • University Research Reports
    Formative research reports on botulism, pneumonic plague, VX and dirty bomb written by the University of Alabama at Birmingham; University of Oklahoma; St. Louis University and University of California, Los Angeles as part of the Pre-Event Message Development Project (PEMD).
  • Key Websites and Online Resources
    Additional online resources and documents to help public health officials prepare for emergencies, including terrorism incidents
  • Creative Briefs

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